Wilson Therik [PhD candidate, SWCU]

  • Researcher at Center for Eastern Indonesia Study – Satya Wacana Christian University (CEIS-SWCU)
  • Lecturer School of Democracy – LAP Timoris & KID
  • Managing Editor of Journal of NTT Studies. E-Journal ISSN: 2085-6504.
  • Focal Point of the Eastern Indonesia Researchers Network (JiKTI)
  • Research Fellow of Institute of Resource Governance and Social Change (IRGSC)
  • Chairman of the Election Supervisory Committee Kupang (Panwaslu)
  • Editorial Staf in Satutimor Media Online

Research Focus:
  • Economy and Development Studies
  • Social Movement

  • Ph.D (Candidate) Development Studies – Post Graduate Program of Satya Wacana Christian University (SWCU) Salatiga, 2008-now
  • Master of Science (M.Si) Development Studies – Post Graduate Program of Satya Wacana Christian University (SWCU) Salatiga, 2007
  • Master of Economy (First Degree), Management Section of Economiy Faculty – Artha Wacana Christian University (AWCU) Kupang, 2004

  • 3rd Place Photography Contest – NTT Art Center, 2013

Research Experience:
  • Member of Research Team: “Education Master Plan in Kabupaten Sumba Barat Daya, 2010-2015” Founded by SWCU and Local Governance
    Kabupaten Sumba Barat Daya, 2010
  • Member of Research Team: Policy Analysis of Financial Planning Regions Pro Health (Study in APBD Kabupaten Semarang 2010). Founded by
    LPPM University of Semarang-Central Java, 2010.
  • Coordinator Research Team: “Fulfillment of Basic Rights in Eastern Indonesia, Studies in Alor, East Nusa Tenggara. Founded by PIKUL Kupang,
  • Consultant, “Produce the SCM Model and Produce the Policy Paper”. Founded by Oxfam GB West Timor, 2009
  • Coordinator Research Team: “Improvement of Nutrition Need in Kabupaten Rote Ndao: Between Hope and Reality”, Founded by World Vision
    International (WVI), July-September 2008
  • Member of Research Team: “Analysis of Social Culture in West Timor”. Founded by. American Friend Service Committee (AFSC) Indonesia.
    October-December, 2008
  • Coordinator Research Team: “Study of the Sustainability of Mangrove and House-Hold Economy of Sait Farmer in Costal Area at Kelurahan
    (Village) Oesapa Barat, Kupang. Founded by LPPM University of PGRI-Kupang. October-Decrmber, 2008

Other Academic Activities
  • Participant in Focus Group Discussion on Revision of Law No. 32 of 2004. Founded by KPPOD-YIPD Jakarta, 2013
  • Participant in Eastern Indonesia Researchers Network (JiKTI) National Symposium-Makassar, 2011.
  • Speaker, at International Seminar X “Dynamics of Local Politics in Indonesia: Representation of the People in the 2009 Legislative Elections”.
    Founded by PERCIK Foundation-Salatiga, 2009
  • Speaker, at one day seminar: “History for the Society of no History”, an Eastern Indonesia Case with Daniel Dhakidae, Ph.D (as Prime Speaker) at
    SWCU. Organized by CEIS-SWCU and Post Graduate Program SWCU. Salatiga, 8th August 2008.
  • Speaker, at Group Discussion of Student of Theology Faculty of SWCU Salatiga, Topic: to Explorer The Science of Science of Anthropology, in
    Indonesia, Nowadays. 21th April, 2008.
  • Participant in Planning Workshop, of Australia Indonesia Community Management System for Food and Biosecurity (CRC-NPB) 2008-2012, 18th-
    19th April 2008
  • Speaker, at workshop of management strategic for basic right in economy, education and city health of Salatiga Town. Oganizer by Action and
    Reflection Institution (LsKAR) for Eastern Java, 9th November 2007.
  • Participant in Asian Student Forum (ASF) at SWCU Salatiga, 16th-18th August 2007.

Occupational History
  • Visit Lecture of Agricultural Technology Faculty, Artha Wacana Christian University-Kupang (2012)
  • Visit Lecture of Health Sciences Faculty, Satya Wacana Christian University-Salatiga (2011-2012)
  • Visit Lecture of Social Science and Communication Faculty, Satya Wacana Christian University-Salatiga (2011-2012)
  • Lecture of Economy Faculty, PGRI University –Kupang (2007-2010)
  • Director of CV. Teluk Timora-Ambon (2004-2005)
  • Director of CV. Mega Computer-Kupang, (1998-2004)

Social Activities:
  • Member of NTT (East Nusa Tenggara Province) Academia Forum
  • Member of NTT (East Nusa Tenggara Province) Policy Forum
  • Member of Evolution Indonesian Community Interest (KPEI)
  • Member of Indonesian Christian Student Movement (GMKI),
  • Member of Indonesian Christian Youth Movement (GAMKI)
  • Member of Indonesian Youth National Committee (KNPI)  
  • Member of Indonesian Chess Federation (PERCASI) East Nusa Tenggara Province
  • Member of Kupang Photographer Community

Selected Aticles and Publications
  • Supplementary Budget for Rote Ndao Society of Microfinance Program (Program DEMAM). Policy Paper for JiKTI, 2013
  • Reduce poverty in the city of Ambon. Policy Paper for JiKTI, 2013
  • Analysis of The “Elite of Knowledge: NTT in with Focus on Academics/Intellectual NTT with Ph.D Degree for The Development of Eastern Indonesia.
    Proceeding Sypmosium JiKTI-Makassar, 2011
  • Rote Island 1960: Social Protest of Community of the “Bo’a Village”, Against State, in Nusak (Village) Delha, Distric of Rote Ndao, Provine of NTT.
    Journal of NTT Studies, Volume 1 Nomor 1 (2009) 66-84, www.ntt-academia.org/ntt-study-journal
  • Fisherman in the Shadow of Juragan: A Life Potret of “Bajo” Traditional Fisherman in Tanjung Pasir, Rote Island, Province of NTT. Economic Journal
    “PELUANG”, Volume II No 1, March 2008. Publisher by: Economic Faculty of Chirstian University in Ambon (UKIM).
  • Fisherman in “Juragan” Trab: Traditional Fisherman from Suku Bajo, in Rote Island, Province of NTT. Journal of Interdiciplinary Development Study
    “KRITIS”, Volume XIX No. 2 August-November 2007. Published by Post Graduate Program of SWCU Salatiga (Accredated National Scientifc Journal)
    a Joint narration with Marthen L. Ndoen, Ph.D
  • Revitalitation of “KULIAH KERJA NYATA”, as a Study Program of Empowering the Community. Proceeding National Seminar and Workshop “Student
    and Community by Empowering” in Asian Student Forum at SWCU Salatia, 16-18 August 2007. (Editor Team, with Theofransus A. Litaay, S.H.,LL.M)

Selected Media Articles
  • Pemilu dan Pengawas Pemilu, Victory News, 16 Januari 2014
  • Mimpi Jadi Caleg, Satutimor.com, 1 Januari 2014
  • Kemana Perginya Pemimpin NTT, Victory News, 16 April 2013
  • Gubernur Baru, Masalah Lama, Victory News, 1 Maret 2013
  • NTT Butuh Gubernur Yang Kuat, Victory News, 25 Februari 2013
  • NTT Mencari Pemimpin, Victory News, 22 Agustus 2012
  • Representasi Dalam Pilkada Kota Kupang, Victory News, 19 Maret 2012
  • Dilematis Menjadi Petani, Pos Kupang, 22 Desember 2010
  • Quo Vadis Orang Miskin, Pos Kupang, 16 April 2009
  • Segelas Anggur Merah, Pos Kupang, 25 Februari 2009
  • Perjalanan Menuju NTT Baru, Pos Kupang, 28 Februari 2008
  • Pilih Gubernur Yang Kuat, Timor Express, 14 Juni 2008
  • Bacaan Bersama Pilkada NTT, Pos Kupang, 6 Maret 2008
  • Ketika Kemiskinan Menjadi Komoditi, Pos Kupang, 23 Januari 2008

Personal Blog: www.wilsontherikreportage.wordpress.com