Randy Banunaek
(BA in Sociology, Nusa Cendana University)

Educational Background:
2007– 2013 : Department of Sociology,  Nusa Cendana University.


Since July 2013-Present: Member of JiKTI (Jaringan Peneliti Kawasan Timur Indonesia).  [jikti.bakti.or.id/members/RandyBanunaek]
Since 2012-Present: Member of  Forum Academia NTT [ www.ntt-academia.org]
2008-Present: Member of Komisariat Salomo GMKI Branch Kupang.

Work Experiences:

February 2013-Present: Staff Researcher IRGSC [www.irgsc.org] - Focal point for NTT data production and management: Digitizing NTT Data, Production of NTT's Opinion data and Actors'
network 2013/2014/2015 - On going]

February 2013-Present: Assistant Lecture for Dr. Dominggus Elcid Li on Classic Sociologi and Social Patology (Pelita Hati University).

February 2013-Present: Assistant Lecture for Dr. Dominggus Elcid Li on Political Sociology and Social Dynamic and Social Change (Nusa Cendana University)

2010: Intern in LPM2 Kupang Mitra Child Fund Indonesia.

2009: Editorial Staff for Campus Bulethin“Sosialita Kampus” - Sociology Department, Nusa Cendana University.

Research Experience:
Dec 2014/Jan 2015: Research Assistant - Education Survey in 25 schools in Remote Areas of Timor Island.
September–December 2013 : Database Manager for PAUD Holistic Integrative  - UNICEF - Circle's Indonesia and IRGSC.
August 2013-Present : Executive Assistant for NTT Research Focus
FHNRW Food,  Health, Nutrition, Risk, Water under the Leadership of Inriyani Takesan.
July-December 2013: Technical Assistant for Jabat’s Program.
February-June 2013 : Assistant Researcher for Socio-Anthropological Survey of  WASH for ACF under the Leadership of Dr. Dominggus Elcid Li and Dr.Ing. Jonatan Lassa.

Publication and articles:
January 2014: “Stagnasi dan Perkembangan Industri Pengolahan di NTT”.  Op-ed article in Pos Kupang (3 January 2014).
September 2013:  
NTT M-B Industries either collapse or stagnant, while the small ones is skyrocketing! A Brief Assessment of Industries in NTT.                             
July 2013:
Future of Latrines and the Future of Civilization: Understanding Cultural Barriers and Opportunities in West Timor An anthropological Survey of Sanitation in West Timor, Indonesia.
(IRGSC Working Paper No. 7).   
February 2013:  The Impact of Public Health Insurance Utilization (JAMKESMAS) on the Quality of Public Health (Sociological Studies Jamkesmas Cardholder Among Residents  in Ex-East
Timorese i Kesetnana In the village of Mollo District South, South Central Timor regency). Undergraduate Thesis.

SPSS - Data entry and basic analysis (since 2012)
Pajek - Social Network Analysis (Since 2013)

Juli 2013:     Beginner Researchers Training Eastern Indonesia "Mastery Research Methodology" in Makassar, South Sulawesi.
2012/2013:   Social Network Analysis - IRGSC Training and workshop [Pajek]