Ms. Nike Frans
(BSc in Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University)


Member of NTT (East Nusa Tenggara Province) Academia Forum

  • Undergraduate, Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University (2012) (Nutrition Care Process (NCP) from assessment, diagnose, intervention, monitoring,
    and evaluation, Clinical Nutrition, Community Nutrition, Food Service Management, HACCP)

Vibrant Facilitator Training July 2013
Vibrant Facilitation, Vibrant Communication - By Inspirit and JIKTI (Jaringan Peneliti Kawasan Timur Indonesia)

Working Experience:

Since April 2013-Now

Research Staff at Institute of Resource Governance and Social Change (IRGSC), Kupang
-        Lead the arrangement of seminars, workshops, and discussions
-        Participate in developing proposal of research program
-        Producing article and working paper to be published

Research and Consulting Experience

February 2014-May 2014 - Nutrition Consultant at PIKUL - OXFAM
- Lead the development of smart tools to be operated by child caretaker that aims to provide information for the caregiver about the composition of the child meals
- Provide information about nutrition value in local foods
- Educate community about nutrition needs of infant and toddler
- Promote local people to eat the local foods that contain complete nutrition rather than instant food that is unheathy to children in the physical and brain

October 2013-May 2014 - IRGSC/CIRCLE Indonesia and UNICEF Indonesia
Field Coordinator  of Unit Cost and Expenditure Analysis in Early Childhood Development Holistic and Integrative in Sikka District
-        Coordinate data collection in Sikka’s subdistrict
-        Arrange meeting with stakeholder
-        Lead monitoring and evaluating the enumerators
-        Support data processing and reporting

September 2013-October 2013 - Lutheran World Relief - IRGSC
Assistant Researcher
- Interviewing farmers and local government about their action and smart practice to face the climate variation

University Teaching Experience:
April 2014-June 2014 Lecturer of maternal and child nutrition course, STIKES CHMK Kupang
- Undergraduate teaching for midwife about basic nutrition, nutrition nutrition need of woman and children; nutrition during pregnant, lactating, babies, under five,
adolescent, and adult.

Other Professional Activities

June 2014 -  Judge of  NTT Province Fish Cooking Contest by NTT Province Marine and Fishery Department
- Analizing the nutrition value of menu that being contested
- Rate the menu based on the ingredients used (local food based) and the nutrition value

Bahasa Indonesia
English (TOEFL ITP per January 2013 : 547 point)

Social skills:

Present : Member of Forum Academia NTT (Coordinator of NTT Academia Award 2013, Secretary of  NTT Academia Award 2014), Member of Forum Soe Peduli,
Past : Coordinator of Sound of Glory Vocal Group (December 2008-December 2012),
Coordinator of  division II in Christian Students’ Fellowship Faculty of Medicine Brawijaya University (June 2009-June 2010), and others.

Team work : Experience working in various team in non governmental organization and also in governmental sector
Organizing seminars, workshops, public dialogues, and trainings at the level of province.

Nutrition consultant as proved by my background study and my previous work
Daily user of Microsoft office (Microsoft word, excel, and powerpoint), and experienced work with SPSS (Statistical Packages for the Social Science) software

Email: nikefranszz at